27 Oct 2014

Halloween Edition

Halloween isn't a holiday in Serbia? False! Pardon my language, but it's a bloody fantastic holiday observed by all the fun-loving party-goers across the country! 

On a serious note, Halloween is a Western Christian feast which takes place on October 31, on the eve of All Saints' Day (or All Hallows' Day). It is thought to have been initially influenced by Celtic harvest festivals and rituals, later spreading to other parts of the United Kingdom, as well as to North America. However, as most holidays nowadays, Halloween has become largely secularized and commercialized.

The costume-party element of Halloween celebrations has become increasingly popular across continental Europe! And Belgradians sure know how to throw an awesome costume party! 

Dom omladine (Belgrade Youth Center) has hosted the largest Halloween costume party in the capital for years, and this time around will be no different. Up to 2000 witches, vampires, policemen, nurses, hippies, rockstars and superheroes sounds like a good time! If you're in town on October 31st and wish to join the celebration, you can find your ideal (ambient and music-wise) party to attend here: http://urbanbug.net/kalendar-desavanja/nocni-zivot/pretraga.

ESN BelUPgrade will not be in town for the occasion, however... We're heading to TRANSYLVANIA! 
Ever since the publication of "Dracula" in 1897, this historical region of Romania has been associated with vampires and perceived as a 'land of mystery and magic'. Thus it became a popular tourist destination at this time of the year. 

This will be our second Halloween trip to Transylvania. Last year's was a major success, so much so that it sparked interest from Erasmus students in neighboring countries. 

Breathtaking scenery, overwhelming 15th century Gothic castles, medieval towns and well preserved folk customs are only some of the things that make Transylvania a truly special place on the European map of cultural heritage. Add ESNers, Erasmus students and scary costumes to the equation, and you got yourself an exciting Halloween getaway! 

We wish you a spooktacular Halloween! 

(Written by Maja Dragičević)